Why You Should Never Give Your Pit Bull Rawhide Toys

As any Pit Bull owner will tell you, Pit Bulls are very social and crave a lot of time and attention from their owners. They are very devoted and loving. Pit Bulls often have a hard time coping when their owners have to leave them alone. Your American Bully doesn’t understand that although you love him very much, you cannot stay with him all of the time. It is important to train them well, so that they can better deal with this separation anxiety.

Pit bulls will often suffer from separation anxiety for a number of different reasons. Often, if you have had your Pit Bull since it was a puppy, and if you have a strong bond, he is just unable to deal with you being away from him. This is often made worse if you have always made it a point to keep your pit bull at your side, and then all of a sudden are unable to. Young puppies will occasionally suffer from separation anxiety when they are taken away from their mother.

Pit Bulls don’t know how to handle the symptoms of separation anxiety, and will often give in to destructive behavior to try to make themselves feel better. If they have free reign in your house while you are gone, they may give in to the urge to chew on your furniture or belongings that are in reach. If you are gone for a long period of time, or if your Pit Bull is highly susceptible to stress, he may also suffer from diarrhea, nausea, and may use the potty in the house when he is otherwise housebroken. Most dogs suffering from a case of separation anxiety will show symptoms usually in the first hour or so the owner is away.

There are a few things that caring owners can do to help ease or eliminate separation anxiety in their Pit Bulls. Crate training is often very helpful because it gives the Pit Bull his own safe space, so that he will feel comfortable and secure usually even if you are not around. Sometimes having a special chew toy that you only give your Pit Bull when you have to leave may help eliminate anxiety, or at least give him something safe to chew on while you are away. Some owners also say that leaving a radio or television on while they are away also helps. Pit Bulls that have went through obedience training courses generally are less affected by separation anxiety.

In extreme cases of separation anxiety that seem untreatable, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe some medication to help, at least in dealing with the symptoms. He may also recommend other methods of keeping your Pit Bull calm when you are away that may be successful. Pit Bulls crave a lot of love and attention, so sometimes all it takes is a little extra time from you when you are home to make them feel better when you have to be away.